On Love.

While working on some new recipes and new posts, I thought I’d share some thoughts on a subject near and dear to my heart – literally – love. Before I go on, let me say that love comes in many forms. For me, a big part of how I share and receive love is through food. Cooking is a soulful, heartfelt endeavor and one that’s a big component of my own self-care regimen as well as my most authentic love language. Now back to that crazy little thing called…

Love is at the core of who we are and how we relate to the world. It is our foundation, our resting state, our home base.

Often, however, we can’t feel it – for ourselves or for others. It can come and go, clouded by stress, pain or whenever we’re feeling threatened and vulnerable.

Sometimes all it takes is one critical comment from a friend, partner or colleague to be driven from this home base.

MOARfit Love Heart

Each time we run, we harden – or at least that’s often the case. We shield ourselves from future hurt. We fear what love can do.

Scary as it may be, we need to come home to love. All of us. We need to recognize and have confidence in our own hearts. This will ground us, uplift us and protect us.

If you’re finding it hard to come home to love, think of someone you care for wholeheartedly. It’s as easy as breathing to love them.

Then, allow yourself to love you with just as much ease and, more importantly, joy. Breath in, I feel loved. Breath out, I am loving.